Paramount Consent Decrees

ICA Fights for Indies

The fight to protect the Paramount Consent Decrees exemplifies why the ICA was established by independents for independents. We are leading the charge to advance the importance of independent cinemas to a dynamic and vibrant motion picture industry.

Born from high-stakes legal battles among studios, exhibitors, and federal antitrust enforcers during the Golden Age of Hollywood, the Decrees are collectively a loadstar guiding the entire industry. The DOJ asserts that the industry has changed so much in the 70 years that the Decrees no longer serve a valid competitive purpose. The ICA agrees the industry has changed during the intervening decades—most relevantly in the direction of even greater concentration and consolidation. The theater-by-theater without discrimination mandate—the heart of the Decrees—serves as a vital firewall against anticompetitive practices that pose a threat to a fair and robust marketplace. Now is not the time to strip the industry of the most powerful and elegant expression of motion picture distribution fairness ever articulated.