Irwin Seating Company Spectrum Recliners

Irwin Seating Company has partnered with the CBA to offer members special pricing on their Spectrum Recliners manufactured right here in the USA! Spectrum Recliners provide industry-leading comfort and quality coupled with attentive after-sale support. Irwin Seating is a family owned, 110+ year old company committed to the long term success of their customers.

Key Program Benefits:

• Spectrum Eclipse and Solstice upholstery styles in either the ZG4 or V3 models
• Large color selection of high quality vinyls
• Seating layout services to create a safe and comfortable layout for your theater(s)
• Order management services to guide you through the entire process and insure an on-time delivery
• Purchase direct from Irwin Seating Company
• Turnkey installation services
• Customization of your recliner with options your patrons will appreciate

For more information on available options click on the link below (CBA Irwin Recliners)

CBA Irwin Recliners


“The Irwin ZG4 recliner is a fantastic chair and we have experienced excellent customer service from Irwin. Cinergy feels that it is the most comfortable recliner in the market. It is a well-built chair, with many options to choose from. Best of all, our guests love it. By joining the ICA and signing up for the CBA Irwin Program it will save Cinergy a tremendous amount of money. With the rebate I’m receiving on my next project, it will pay for our ICA dues for approximately 14 years. Join the ICA or lose out!” Jeffrey P. Benson  – Founder & CEO, Cinergy Entertainment Group, Inc.




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