Digital Light Sources LLC

Digital Light Sources, LLC (DLS) was established in 2019 with the purpose of providing value added Technologies, Products, Services and Solutions to Cinema Exhibitors as well as end users in the Entertainment, Film, Stage and Studio Segments.

Our Mission is to harness 30+ years of Know-how, Engineering, Sales and niche Business Expertise to bring you innovative Cinema Products and Lighting Solutions with unmatched relationship and customer experience. As a Cinema Integrator, we provide Laser Retro-Fit Systems, Xenon Lamps and UHP Lamps for Cinema Projection in addition to Immersive Audio, Media Servers, Projection Screens, 3D Mapping in addition to a wide range of Energy Saving LED products.

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Key Program Benefits:

  • Lamps and Fixtures made by industry leaders: GE, Philips, Cree and LED Vance – Sylvania and partner Fixture Manufacturers.
  • Fast drop shipments from 12 US based distribution warehouses.
  • Warranty: 5 years on Bulbs and Fixtures.
  • Tech Support and ability to provide Photometric Drawings and Spec Analysis to ensure Fixtures match the applications.
  • Compliance with latest Codes and Articles mandated in your region.
  • Periodic updates on newer Products, Technologies and Informative Material.
  • Assistance with Rebates offered by your Electric Utility Providers
  • Net 30 terms OAC


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News and Media


ICA Comments Public Comments The Department of Justice recently opened a review of the Paramount Consent Decrees that for over seventy years have regulated how certain movie studios distribute films to movie theatres. In 1938, the Department filed an antitrust lawsuit alleging that eight major motion picture companies had conspired to control the motion picture

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Will The Curtain Close On Small-Town Movie Theaters?

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ICA Names Rob del Moro Manager of the Cinema Buying Alliance

The Independent Cinema Alliance (ICA) has reached an agreement with former Regal Cinemas executive and industry veteran Rob Del Moro to lead the Cinema Buying Alliance, formerly the NATO Cinema Buying Group. The Cinema Buying Alliance (CBA) is a new entity, wholly owned and managed by the Independent Cinema Alliance (ICA), taking over the business

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