Strong Technical Services
Outfitting Cinemas since 1932

Strong Technical Services’ roots began with its creation as a service provider of sound reproducers for film projectors in the 1930’s which was operated by RCA and owned by GE. In the late 1980’s National Cinema Supply purchased RCA Service from GE. In the mid-1990s the service company was sold by National Cinema Supply and was renamed National Cinema Service. National Cinema Service was then acquired by Ballantyne Strong (BTN) in 2006 E and renamed Strong Technical Services. Ballantyne Strong, a company which also has an extensive history in the cinema industry, was founded by Robert Scott Ballantyne of Omaha, Nebraska in 1932 as a cinema equipment company that manufactured and sold film projectors as well as cinema sound equipment.

As the cinema industry continues to evolve to meet the needs of exhibitors and their customers, so too does Strong Technical Services.

Key Theatre Readiness Program Benefits:

Inspection of hardware prior to power-up to ensure there is no environmental damage
Cleaning of any debris inside systems
Power-up of projection systems on and test functionality
Inspection of fans for operation and verification of projection coolant flow if applicable
Inspection of lamp if left installed on xenon projection systems. NOTE: STRONG recommends changing the lamp if exhaust remained attached during the extended period, but will strike with permission from site.
Calibrate light levels and shoot colors if necessary
Check audio levels via Channel ID , Sweep Test, and Pink Noise
Perform test transfers from TMS/LMS to media servers
Confirm encrypted playback in all houses, if KDMs are available
Inspect image for any presentation abnormalities
Verification of OSA system can be administered if approved by the provider

We anticipate the tasks above to take roughly 1 to 2 hours per auditorium. We would like to offer the service at a discounted rate for ICA members (based upon a 50 mile radius of our tech locations) in the months of May and June ( normal price $50 per screen) to help ease any financial burden to get your theatre up and running for your customers. Any issues identified requiring extensive troubleshooting will be considered out of scope and addressed on a case by case basis. The discounted CBA price will be a significant savings over our normal demand rates. Opt-In to the Program for full pricing, and contact information.

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