Independent Cinema Alliance Adds Member Benefit Program with Branded Marketing Services

(Dallas, TX – September 12, 2022) The Cinema Buying Alliance, LLC (ICA Marketplace) is pleased to announce a partnership with Branded Marketing.

Branded Marketing provides quality movie branded items so ICA members have the opportunity to render an exclusive movie-goer experience to patrons. Items can include cups, bags, tubs, bar, premium and collectible items in multiple vessel sizes not found through traditional distributor channels. Pricing is also very competitive.

Together this partnership will allow ICA and Branded Marketing to better serve and support theater circuits while protecting the movie-going experience. This partnership will work to ensure that concessions products, both movie-titled and non-movie-titled, will consistently be available to all theater circuits. Our goal is to find, create and secure solutions for circuits nationwide.

“Branded Marketing is over the moon excited to work with the ICA and provide exhibitors with the product and support they need to rebuild the industry. We truly believe this new partnership will bring movie titled concessions to every theater owner in the U.S. at the best price!” Deanna Taphorn, Sr. Creative & Program Director

“We’re excited to add this member benefit program. We believe the program not only helps with supply chain options and reliability, but also enhances the moviegoer experience with great designs on some of our most popular disposable items,” said Joel Davis, ICA Board Member and ICA Marketplace Team Lead.

To get us started we are currently working on the The Super Mario Bros. Movie & FAST X Concession Programs. Email today to place your order!! or call 913-744-7411. Depending on the title, available items include kids trays, 12oz plastic cups, 16oz plastic cups, 44oz plastic or paper cups, 130oz plastic tubs, 85oz paper bags and 170oz plastic or paper tubs.

And we can’t forget our Holiday Closeout Sale! Limited stock available on specific items.

About ICA:
The ICA is a not-for-profit, volunteer alliance of independent cinemas operating in communities throughout the United States and Canada. Theatres operated by alliance members range in size from single-screen venues in small towns to multiplexes in larger cities. Currently there are 270 member companies representing more than 3,500 screens sharing one common goal: to provide a public voice that promotes the importance of independent cinemas as a valuable and necessary part of a healthy and vibrant motion picture industry. For more information, visit

About Branded Marketing:
Branded Marketing is a full service and solutions branding company. With multi-platform innovative solutions, creativity and strategic thinking, we solidify and enhance the important connection between studios and exhibitors. We provide quality movie branded items so your theatre can render an exclusive movie-goer experience to patrons. Items can include cups, bags, tubs, bar, premium and collectible items in multiple vessel sizes not found in stores. For more information, visit

Rich Daughtridge – President
Independent Cinema Alliance
Tel: (301) 791-1221

Deanna Taphorn – Sr. Creative & Program Director
Branded Marketing
Tel: (913) 744-7411